Environmental consultancy








René Estermann


"As a leading provider of innovative solutions for climate protection, myclimate was looking for a carbon footprinting and LCA software that allows for deep supply chain analysis, uncertainty assessment and includes all prevalent environmental indicators. We chose Aveny’s browser-based LCA software, which combines the above requirements with real-time project collaboration. This means that each expert of our global distributed carbon management sevices team can simultaneously contribute to a project, everyone always works on the latest project version and we’re able to provide remote training to new employees, which greatly facilitates our project workflow."

"We consider Aveny LCA a prime example for integrating a complex methodology into a highly user-friendly product."









Karsten Schwarz

Group Leader R&D Execution

"For Alstom Power, sustainability analysis of our products and services is a major asset. Aveny’s customizable LCA software provides us state-of-the-art LCA functionality and real-time collaboration within a user-friendly, workflow-oriented interface. This minimizes internal training requirements for our globally distributed LCA practitioners, engineers and marketing people and allows discussing upcoming questions and solutions directly on the tool."


"Aveny LCA combines and extends the benefits of leading LCA software to a new generation of sustainability assessment solution at a highly competitive price."

Research & universitary education








Ronnie Juraske

Senior Research Associate

"Aveny LCA is a valuable solution for teaching LCA software. Setting up the LCA environment for classes is done within minutes, because instead of conducting software installations and regular updating at numerous computers, we just provide the students with a temporary log-in for access to the the student project on our server. The preparation, distribution and review of student exercises is very comfortable thanks to the smart project view/edit permission feature. It is great for the students as well since they can now work on their projects wherever and whenever they wish to, without being bound to the University facilities."