Aveny LCA 2

The most advanced LCA software for product sustainability analysis.


The full-feature LCA solution with an intuitive user interface and elaborate workflow for minimal training requirements. Work in teams and collaborate internally and externally (e.g. for expert support and critical reviews) with a smart user permission system. Aveny LCA is accessed directly via web browser and does not require software installation on the practitioner's computer.



Aveny LCA's strength bases on the software's advanced functionalities for modeling, results analysis, and collaboration.



Minimal training

  • Transparent disaggregated LCI
  • >500 impact assessment methods
  • Ecospold compatibility
  • ISO compliant
  • Project workflow
  • Project templates

Custom data

Advanced functionality

  • Copy & edit existing datasets
  • Create new datasets
  • Import projects & datasets with smart linking
  • Multi-output processes & allocation
  • Data uncertainty specification with various distributions
  • Smart End-of-Life stage listing all materials & weights in project that require treatment

Results Analysis

Ultra fast & user friendly result calculation

Deep supply chain analysis

  • Results in <3 seconds, Monte Carlo results within 1-2 minutes
  • Parallelisation of calculations (multiple calculations on separate tabs in background; users computers are never blocked)
  • Trace back impacts deep down in the supply chain
  • Hot spot analysis to identify sensitive processes
  • Impacts in absolute terms and relative contributions per project / life cycle stage / process / material

Real-time scaling of results

Project export to excel

  • Flexible adaptation of functional unit in the result section
  • Analysis of results for different functional units, e.g. annual production of plant AND unit production of single and multi-output products
  • All relevant statistical information (iterations, mean, SD, median, 95% confidence intervall)
  • Graphical display of result distribution
  • All relevant product information exported: project description, LCI model, impact assessment, project revision history


Access via web-browser to central server installation

User permissions for projects and databases

  • No software installation for users
  • No export or round-mailing of files, no versioning issues
  • Central maintenance & updates (software, databases, projects)
  • Custom view & edit rights
  • Permission levels (Admin, Editor, Observer)
  • Collaboration with third parties via temporary access to selected projects (e.g. for expert support & reviewers)

Real-time collaboration

Project history

  • Indication of active users per project
  • Real-time updates on project progress / modifications
  • Chat section per project
  • Complete progress/revision history for each project (who/when/what)

Customized Solutions

Return of investments into LCA can be multiplied with customized user interfaces and integration into other business tools and communication platforms. Due to the highly flexible framework of Aveny LCA we can offer efficient solutions for your specific needs.