What we do

"At Aveny, we are dedicated to making product and process sustainability analysis simple and efficient."


For our clients we have developed a new generation of LCA software which combines the benefits of a full-feature LCA software with collaboration features to work efficiently with internal and external stakeholders such as project team members, sustainability experts, reviewers, and customers.


For our groundbreaking LCA software solution Aveny achieved official ETH spin-off recognition and is supported by the start-up competition initiative venture kick and CTI start-up.


Stephan Pfister, PhD, has 15+ years experience in water footprinting and environmental impact assessment. He led the development of the Weighted Water Footprint method and the STeP Water Footprint Database. Stephan’s contributions to the integration of water consumption into LCA were awarded by SETAC and decorated with the ETH Zurich Medal.

Michael E. Bösch, PhD, has 15+ years experience in industry process modeling and application development. He worked extensively with multinational corporations, authorities and research institutes on analysing and modeling industry processes and developing user-friendly software.

Chris Mutel, PhD, has 15+ years experience in LCA software development and advanced LCA methodologies and applications. As a member of the ecoinvent editorial board for regionalization, Chris has profound insight and knowledge of latest and upcoming LCA developments.

Jonas Bösch, PhD, has 15+ years experience in information technology, software architecture and software development technologies. He has led many software development projects to their successful go-live and beyond. His experience with a multitude of established and new-and-upcoming technologies keeps our technology stack sane.